IPod Dock Extension Cable

I’ve lost count of the number of emails from people looking for these things, so here it is. The hardest part of [Mike’s] little hack is the soldering. The pins on those iPod connectors are just evil to solder. You’ll need the patience of a saint.

I’ve worked with these same connectors and I came up with an easier, if bulkier method of soldering those things in my iPod super dock How-To.

Quickie: Hack-A-Day On G4TV

Thanks to [Ryan Bucshon] for letting me know that Hack-A-Day is up on Attack of the Show tonight. Looks like they’re talking about the Wii Laptop by Ben. Hit it right now.

Update: Excellent, I got mentioned, Hack-A-Day got direct coverage, then they hit Ben’s site, and mentioned Ben’s How-To series on Engadget.