Bonus: Buffalo Terastation Hacking

Just a bonus hack in honor of my new toy: a 1GB 1TB buffalo Terastation NAS. These puppies run embedded Linux, and have a decent user base. Mine came with 128MB of ram, four Samsung drives (each with their own IDE bus), RAID support, gigabit ethernet, USB 2.0 and a Motorola Sandpoint cpu. (Putting it on par with my old Powermac 8500) The wiki has instructions for all the the basic hacks. Installing some hacked firmware was pretty easy, and yielded telnet and root access. It has a serial port for UPS control, but there’s a nice clean hack for enabling serial console access instead.

13 thoughts on “Bonus: Buffalo Terastation Hacking

  1. The terra stations suck….if you really want a piece of hardware, look into the linkstation pro. It’s made by the same company, but quicker – and sata.

    Also, look at the kuro box. New Kuro Box PRO is coming soon!

    With the linkstation pro, you also get a serial port. WITHOUT REMOVING THE CASE! The newer units are looking sweet.
    Forget the terrastation – too slow. If you want a 1TB NAS, get a PC w/ hardware RAID card. Otherwise, this thing can barely break 10mb/s reads/writes.

  2. Although the terastation may “suck” when considering it for business purposes I think it’s a decent package for general storage. Good place to store online backups, mp3’s, movies, etc. Of course many of us could throw one together for about the same price, but if you don’t have the parts sitting around a simple plug and play device can be nice… As long as you can hack some extra features!

  3. @ michael,

    sure, ‘dano’ said it before “…a simple plug and play device…”

    the end user or the regular user would not know where to begin or how to build and setup a box with 1TB of capacity (plus raid, nfs, ftp, quotas, etc…).

  4. Cheaper than setting up another blade cluster…..
    I’LL TAKE 5!

    They’ll get my vote when they speed up those read/write times. Why would you put gigabit ethernet on it when it can’t even hit 100Mb?

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