AVR Modified EV Charger

[Gary]’s built some nice AVR projects. The most interesting is the charge controller/monitor he built for his EV Porsche. Each board controls a charger – with one charger per battery. When the system isn’t charging the batteries, it provides real-time data to a VFD display in the dashboard of the 1978 Porsche 924. Hopefully he’ll notice the spike in traffic and will update the charger project page.

11 thoughts on “AVR Modified EV Charger

  1. Is using 16 individual chargers, one per battery, really going to extend his battery life by that much? Seems like overkill to me. Maybe he’s trying to maximize the range for this design (30+ miles according to site)?

  2. OK, Will, please clarify the TLA “AVR”. What’s the difference between “Voltage Regulator” and “Automatic Voltage Regulator”? I’m gonna guess that it’s the aspect of managing that battery (group) of batteries, right?

    BTW, I for one would like to see where Gary stashed the rest of the batteries, aside from the three that are visible in his under-hood photo.

  3. Hi all! Thanks for the interest in the project! I was unaware I’d made it into Hack a Day. Sweet! Now it explains the spike in e-mail I’ve received lately! ;) I normally check this site religiously, but have been super busy lately, so I missed it. I’ve been remiss in responding to e-mail (sorry) – I’ll do better. I have been planing an update to my site and now that I see people actually look at it, I’ll make it a priority! Though, I do have some bad news… I no longer have the EV, so don’t look for me on the streets of Madison. I’d like to build another, time permitting.

  4. Gary
    Is there any chance you have more information on the charger on the web? (diagrams bill of materials, instructions)? I am currently rebuilding a older EV and the K&W charger is the weak link. This really looks good. Thanks

  5. Does anyone have this mirrored? Building an uber UPS and interested in this design. The built in 120V charger on the UPS is designed to top off 10 series connected 12V 5aH batteries so I suspect it will have a problem when I attach 100aH batteries.

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