Defcon Bot Challenge Prototype

[Colin] sent in his prototype for the Defcon bot contest. The performance of the bot in the video is impressive. Hit it after the break. His build looks clean and simple – he even managed to score some sponsorship in the form of pololu servo controllers. Targeting the moving white sensor reminds me of the old MacGuyver episode with the lethal heat seeking robots.

If you’re working on any attack bots, feel free to let us know via the tips line.

Update: I woke up to realize that I forgot to embed the video. It should work now.

19 thoughts on “Defcon Bot Challenge Prototype

  1. Cool setup and it appears fast too.

    It reminds me off one a similar system i saw a few years back only it detected object movement on the camera ad the gun i believe was an air pellet version of a P90.

    I think the idea behind using the gun was that at a later date it could be replaced with a real wapon.

  2. This could be amazingly useful in a combat setting, in a very much “the tech we have now is ready” kind of way.

    Obviously, we are a few leaps and bounds from anything like an assassin droid, but I was thinking rather you would disperse a number of these robots in a tactical setting and then the soldiers would use lasers to paint targets (coupled with some sort of wireless ident, of course).

    (1) Soldiers don’t have to worry about a heavy gun.
    (2) Soldiers don’t have to worry about ammunition.
    (3) Soldiers can hit a target hidden behind “cover” from a multitude of different angles, even if the target was hidden from view.
    (4) Once a target is painted, soldiers can keep under cover or even retreat while the robots continue to lay down fire at the target.
    (5) Soldiers can fire multiple directions at once.

  3. @9:

    This is *NOT* based on the inventgeek turret project. In fact I believe I began working on things before that project was released.

    The invent geek turret uses a pre-made base from a 40$ product you can buy online. I built mine from the ground up, and am using entirely different code, servos, protocol.

    I am using the same gun… only by chance though. probably because its the cheapest electric airsoft gun out there, lol.

  4. Reminds me of a cut up airsoft gun literally strapped to a base from something else, oh wait, it is. He didn’t use duct tape, and that counts for something I guess.

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