Aux Stereo Receiver Controls

[Bob van loosen] added a remote learning circuit made from a PIC 16F84A to his Onkyo receiver – which happens to have remote buttons and a ttl control link for external devices. The PIC listens to the remote link on the receiver. By grounding a pin, it will learn the next remote command that’s received. In this case, he uses it to swap the left/right front/rear signals to gain proper speaker orientation when he switches between his TV and Computer. This would make an entertaining external dongle if you combined it with a smoke generator…

7 thoughts on “Aux Stereo Receiver Controls

  1. why smoke generator? or are you joking? Josh < doesn't pick up on most jokes. Interesting though I like it, considering the same thing here, if I can make it work.

  2. well i guess he wants a button on hiw remote to turn his smoke mechine on… have there been any diy smoke mechines???

    the remote button code that the pic responds to is not hard coded into it. it ‘learns'(remembers) the code for the last botton that was pressed while the RA2 pin was grounded. the switch to ground RA2 is not shown in the schematic…

    nice and simple but so usefull and _configurable_ too!! :D how can u call it a hack when it so elegant? LOL

  3. He probably means wire it to a smoke machine, and get it to learn a regular remote button (such as channel jumping) – when the average joe comes in to watch TV, he hits the channel jump button and *poof*, out comes the smoke

    Would be a great gag if the machine was mounted behind the TV/Tuner, so it’d look like it caught fire lol

  4. If you need to swap your left/right or front/back audio channels from different devices then it’s a wiring problem and can probably be corrected by pluggin the right cables in the right jacks, that’s why it’s a hack.

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