7 thoughts on “DIY Encrypted NAS

  1. *sigh* another useless one-user encrypted raid box. what people really need is a box that allows multiple users, with encrypted storage inaccessible by other users including root. then you truly have a secure network storage solution. because what’s the point of making a NAS if you’re the only person using it? might as well slap more drives in your desktop.

  2. Multiple users is achievable by using Samba or NFS, even the web.

    For the truely paranoid, this is a way to hide your mp3’s and warez should the authorities come knocking on your door. Just don’t use an UPS so they can access your Samba share ;)

  3. 2 – I think what the first comment meant was encryption on a per-user basis, not multiple-user access (that’s pretty trivial, as you pointed out).

    It’s a security issue: if you’re encrypting stuff, push the reasoning a little farther and encrypt each users stuff with a different key, because in the end, what’s the difference between another user on your system and an unwanted viewer?

    This isn’t possible with per-volume encryption.

  4. will – “cryptobox” != “cyrptobox”
    The idea of an encrypted NAS is good for keeping people out of your box, but when it comes to protecting yourself from the MPAA/RIAA and their legal teams, the bes way of doing so would be to generate a random key for a drive at startup and then forget the key, so that after the computer turns off, the the data on the drive becomes useless. The only disadvantage of this plan is that you would need a good UPS to protect your data…

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