Xbox 360 Modding Case Details

If you’ve been wondering about what changes Lian-Li implemented in their commercial XBox 360 casemod called the PC-XB01, they’ve recently updated their product page.

The case does not add any new functions to the console, but it improves its efficiency on several levels. To deal with the noise produced by the DVD drive, they installed sheets of sound insulation foam around the drive, greatly reducing the sound it makes when it spins up. They did even more for temperature control, replacing the standard dual 70mm fans with a single 120mm fan that cools more efficiently and quietly. The case is also larger and features a frontside grate, allowing for vastly improved airflow. Lian-Li designers even left opening in the back for option water tubes in case you want to add a liquid cooling system.

[via Xbox-Scene]

15 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Modding Case Details

  1. Surely would kill the warranty on the 360, however this is a great idea. Would also give tons of room for customizations such as water cooling etc. Integration of the power supply into the box would be a nice option though but the heat could be an issue. Would be nice to be able to have a probe to detect the temp of the board etc.

  2. hmmm, I like this. Anything to reduce the noise of the DVD drive is nice.

    now if we could get rid of the power brick that is half the size of the box itself, we’ll be golden.

  3. No worries fozz, with a case that’s 4 times larger than the original, the power brick is much smaller by comparison to the system itself. Other than being quieter and more water cooling friendly though, what would the use of this case be? What mods are there for the average 360 modder that would benefit from a case transplant?

  4. one would think they would do two things:

    1: add a carrying handle

    2: add a place for the power brick.

    PS: I wish people would stop whining about “this is not a hack” bs. start your own site, jerkwads.

  5. yea thats a curious question wasted… is lian-li willing to lump themselves in with these “criminal” console modders. it seems like it would be a good shot to microsoft’s groin but potentially bad for the ol’ bottom line.

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