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[Mister Jalopy] is an outspoken recycler. He believes it is wrong that we live in a “throw away culture” and we here at Hackaday tend to agree. There is so much potential left in products, long after they may have given up their original purpose. He has been pushing to get companies to work with the public, to encourage re purposing and hacking. The belief is that it can only improve a company’s relationship with their customers.

[Mister Jalopy] appeared on National Public Radio today. They discussed the benefits of making your own stuff, as well as the legalities involved with modifying off the shelf products.

We covered his open house last October. Tons of fascinating stuff there.

[via Hoopty Rides]

2 thoughts on “Mister Jalopy On NPR

  1. Companies may get better customer satisfaction with this – however that is not their primary goal. Profits are. The only problem with this is that the re-use of products interrupts their business plan which for most producers is based on periodic replacement.

  2. chris is exactly right. And it’s easier for the retailer, even if it doesn’t make sense. If, rather than spend money continually maintaining that which shouldn’t need maintenance, people continually purchased upgrades to make that which they have more efficient, etc. the quality of life should increase for everyone.

    On the other hand, if people continue to purchase swiffers, and buy $20 in replacements every week… it’s easier for the retailer/manufacturer to continue to make those $20 replacements, rather than develop $20 upgrades to the system.

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