Xim360: Mouse And Keyboard For 360

Many a computer gamer has scowled at the thought of trying to control an FPS with thumb sticks. When you’re used to the precision and speed of a mouse, the analog stick feels, well… just wonky. XIM360 has built, what is hopefully a big step forward in inputs for the 360. The device is an add on to the XFPS, and supposedly delivers an experience that is “what you’ve always hoped to get”.

The project came into existence when people, let down by the poor performance of the XFPS started augmenting it to try to get desired results. They used a board called XIM to get better control. The new board, XIM2 was built from the ground up to achieve the best possible experience. The XIM2 is now available for pre-order.

More information can be found on their website, as well as a large user forum of modders and hackers.

[via Xbox-Scene News]

3 thoughts on “Xim360: Mouse And Keyboard For 360

  1. Unreal Tournament on teh dreamcast had natively supported custom key mapping and mouse/keyboard. It was teh best, just like a computer. I tried a ps2 mouse keyboard adapter for my playstation 2 sucked eggs mouse movements don’t register like on pc or dreamcast same would happen to xbox360. Its stupid why don’t ps3 and xbox360 just allow you to hook up a keyboard and mouse like dreamcast did? Heck they even have usb ports, and ps3 tries to say they is a home pc in europe, keyboard mouse support would allow them to get away with that arguement.

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