Quake On The BUG


It seems like every piece of hardware has to earn its respect by going through some standard paces. One of which is having Quake ported to it. Much like an angel earning their wings, Bug Labs, with the help of community [CMW], has ported Quake to the BUG. Right now, the only add on needed is the BugView module. Controls are done through the base unit.

11 thoughts on “Quake On The BUG

  1. If you look at his actual site (bug.cmw.me) there is pictures of the +demo function showing framerates on one screen of 23-24fps. Thats playable and you can use the joystick that comes on the side of the bug. So i would say its pretty playable.

  2. Look, in a time when it isn’t unusual for someone to have their entire music library _with_ them on a portable device, you have to expect the same for some video games.
    I for one carry a complete quake 2 setup on a flash drive because it’s 100% portable when playing under windows and it’s easily copied for network play.


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