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The future is here ladies and gentlemen,  robots are truly making our lives better.  The grueling job of sweating into clothing has been taken over by the latest in technology: the sweat bot. With water heated fake skin, and robotic sweat glands, this machine works tirelessly to test clothing. While emulating walking or jogging, it sweats into the clothing. This helps in the design of more breathable and sweat resistant fabrics. Though we know it is just a machine, choosing to put the water hoses through its face was just plain creepy.

[via BotJunkie]

13 thoughts on “Sweat Bot

  1. No, creepy is putting ears on an armpit test.

    I don’t need “sweat resistant” clothing, I need linen dammit.

    I am allergic to pretty much everything sold in this freaking country.

  2. I second memememe (and bam) as well. I really have come here over the last 7 or so years because of the quality. I can understand that you may need more page views for advertising but I would gladly donate if it meant staying the same.


  3. ps-I agree putting stuff dreamt up by a team of engineers and voted on by a board of executives 3 times before the final design is produced isn’t exactly in the spirit of DIY projects.

  4. Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be hackers
    Hackers aint easy to love and they’re harder to see
    They’d rather give you a fob than diamonds or brie
    Fluke Voltmeters and old solder wicks
    Each day begins a new night
    If you don’t understand him and he don’t nuke Wyoming
    He’ll probably re-invent an old game

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