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Where’s the Party At is an open source bendable 8-bit sampler kit created by [Todd Bailey]. The initial design started about a year ago when he was instructing circuit benders how to transition to circuit design. He designed the kit to show how simply you could build a sampler. It demonstrates both clear analog and digital design. It’s meant to be a unique instrument though and features a lot of glitchy/quirky characteristics while being fairly reliable. You can read more about the device on his site. It has comprehensive parts and assembly manuals available and the kit is $75.

[via Create Digital Music]

23 thoughts on “WTPA Bendable Sampler

  1. nice looking project, be a pretty good project to fill a few hours, although $75 per kit seems a little steep, think it’d be more fun putting it onto a project board or diy pcb

  2. wouldn’t mind to see a video, or at least a sound clip.

    looks pretty sweet though. $75 doesn’t seem steep considering how powerful of a sampler it seems. It has a boatload of features and looks pretty damn awesome.

  3. from the circuit bending wikipedia article:

    “some see circuit bending as a more spiritual process. in the popular video ‘what is circuit bending?’ artists describe circuit bending as ‘parallel worlds within a circuit that aren’t supposed to exist, but they’re there’…’an explosive psychedelic surreal world of sound.'”

    i want to vomit.

  4. @andrew,

    yeah that’s pretty damned awful. i guess circuit bending *could* be a psychedelic and spiritual experience … with the right amount of lsd.

    the less popular wikipedia articles are quite vulnerable to weirdo interpretations.

  5. ok, i have always been down on circuit benders that don’t know about the electronics that they torture. today I eat those words, I looked through the pages on this guy, and even though i still don’t think it’s music, this project has immense potential. This gentleman understands electronics and has proven that to me(in all honesty, he’s more advanced than i am), I only hope that he posts videos or samples from someone who is equally accomplished in music as he is in electronics, that would shut me up for good on this point. wait and see.

  6. @sidthetaff $75 steep? i was personally surprised at how inexpensive it was. do you even know what it does? what kind of kits do you buy or use for price reference?

  7. to ken: what better way to bend than to use something designed to. and knowing what you want allows you to tailor the circuit to your needs.

    now that i think about it, what would be better than a server designed to be hacked, if you designed it, imagine all the practice you could get cracking it and then writing new software to protect it. that’s a pretty good idea too, good job.

  8. I’ve been waiting for someone to make a kit like this for some time now, and this one seems perfect.
    I’ve seen casio sk’s sell for more than $75 on ebay, so this kit is really a very reasonable price.

    Circuit bending is great fun and very satisfying, but learning how the technology actually works will be a very useful in circuit bending.

    Yep, I’m sold.

  9. c’mon guys. Reed Ghazala designs circuits to bend. He designs and builds them to theory, then has his way with them. That’s what this guy is doing. I just got mine in the mail, and I will do the same, without all of the painstaking work that it took to design, test, edit, test, edit, test, and finally, put this out. Don’t hate, participate!

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