Simple Motion Detector And Alarm


[John] sent us this nice little project. He shows us how to create a motion activated alarm that plays the Mario Brothers theme and flashes some lights. He’s using an ATTiny13a for the brains, and a cool mario mushroom candy tin for the body. You can see it in action after the break.


21 thoughts on “Simple Motion Detector And Alarm

  1. @landon: It’s people like you that make me sad. I once built a robot that rolled around avoiding objects. Some said it was cool, some said it was cute, and some asked “what’s the practical purpose?”. I could say to further my knowledge of electronics, or to practice soldering, but really, I don’t need a reason to make stuff because it’s a fun hobby. Thumbs up to whoever made it, it’s awesome =D. Hacks don’t need to be practical. Why are you on this site??

  2. @landon – yeah not really but i think this will be fun toy to have in my cube.

    i sinked so many hours and have worked on so many projects that have been much less practical than this ;)

  3. @pilotgeek: i was just asking if there was a practical use for this sort of thing, maybe someone could spark my interest so i have a reason to build one. i love this site and it always give me ideas i never wouldve thought of for projects. it was just a simple question, no bashing intended.

    @john: i totally agree this would be a neat thing to have around the office and thats the kind of response i was looking for. thank you.

  4. Make the motion sensor wireless, make a few of them and hide them around the area of your cubicle/outside your door etc. to make an early warning system for people coming to see you.
    Correctly set up it should give you enough time to to hide, or pretend not to be there (ignore knocking on the door), or stop playing that game and load up the wordprocessor (or whatever program you work on) etc.

    Something I want to do is a neat trick I saw on “Burn Notice”, he hooked a motion sensor into a pre-pay mobile phone so when someone got close to the house his phone went off. And because you don’t answer it, it won’t cost you call time so long as the phone company doesn’t cancel the sim.

  5. I second the shark fin approximation. Floating,and waterproof, with Jaws Soundtrack, weighted on bottom to keep upright sharks fin.

    Also, is there such a thing as a toy RC sharks fin?
    And when I post such great ideas as the one above ^, does that give me copyright or patent pending?

    What im asking is, is what I post on the internet admissible in court for proof of ownership of ideas/concept patent litigation? Are we protected at all from corporations trolling the net jacking our wisdom?

  6. Indeed, this may be a simple project, but it demonstrates how something can be done.

    One can always think about swapping out one component or another or changing the design to suit a different purpose, but that’s the _point_ of sharing this stuff!

    It’s not just the direct effect, but the ripples of creativity and thought that it creates as well.

  7. Re: Avertedd

    For anyone who can’t speak Russian (courtesy of google):

    Отлично написано. Позитива конечно не хватает, но читал на одном дыхании
    “Excellent written. Certainly not positive enough, but read in one breath.”

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