Dry Ice Cannon

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[Alexander] sent in his entry into a “creativity contest” at his university. He and some friends put together this dry ice cannon.  Take note of the creative mechanism they used to mix the water with the dry ice. A large amount of gas is expelled as soon as the two begin to meet. If the gas is supposed to escape through the same opening, it is difficult to get all the material through. They have added a second opening just for the exhaust during mixing. Great job guys. How about some downloadable plans.

19 thoughts on “Dry Ice Cannon

  1. Yeah, manufacturing a firearm requires a license in Germany, and a firearm is “a device that propels a projectile through a barrel”…

    Then again, any university with a physics department can get these licenses easily, since many devices used for high-speed impact testing/research fall under the above definition.

  2. @efh there is no pressure till the dry ice and water are mixed, which occurs after loading the projectile. Furthermore, I believe the gas exhaust valve is left open till the watter is fully added, so even if they were mixed, still no pressure.

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