OmniZero.9 Multi Format Biped


There are so many biped bots circulating the web that we tend to overlook them. This one caught our eye this morning due to its interesting ability to change its layout. Named OmniZero.9, this biped can drive on 4 wheels like a car, walk like a biped, and even carry a person. While it certainly doesn’t look like the most comfortable mode of transportation, it looks less awkward than some of the latest “innovations” coming from big names.

[via GetRobo]

14 thoughts on “OmniZero.9 Multi Format Biped

  1. @ListerStorm

    Japanese stores often play Auld Lang Syne towards the time for them to close. Judging by some of the movement in the background, I would assume this may be the case as it looks like the clean up crew at work.

    I for one welcome our mobile-toilet-equipped overlords.

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