Arduino DMX Controller


This Arduino powered DMX controller came along at just the right time. We had shown you a project earlier that involved the DMX system and several commenters remarked on the price to get into DMX hardware. If you happen to have an Arduino around, you can build a DMX controller. He found a schematic for a DMX driver, and built some custom code to control it all. You can download his code on the project site.

10 thoughts on “Arduino DMX Controller

  1. Jesbus, I (and by extension, everyone) will only google things they find interesting. To do a writeup with no link explaining what the hell it’s on about is bad form – it will get less reads.

    For proof, see the number of comments.

  2. DMX is fun and pretty easy to implement. For those who are interested in the Propeller microcontroller my November column (“The Spin Zone”) in Nuts & Volts magazine details building a DMX RX/TX board for the Propeller Platform (also my design, available from Gadget Gangster).

  3. i just used “fucking google” and searching DMX came back exactly what I thought was going to come back. a rapper. granted, now that i know what it is from that wikipedia article i can better understand it, but not everyone knows what to search for in “fucking google”

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