Yahoo Hires Strippers For Hackers


Yahoo has issued a public apology for an event that occurred at their recent Hack Day in Taiwan. Apparently they  hired strippers for the event, two years in a row. The girls did their usual bump and grind all over some poor hackers. Poor guys. While there is a part of us that says, “what about the little girls getting into hacking?” the other part of us says, well, you know what it says.  Wow, we’re suddenly feeling the urge to use yahoo for all of our services. How peculiar.

[via BoingBoing]

62 thoughts on “Yahoo Hires Strippers For Hackers

  1. I feel sorry for the guys having scantaly clad young ladies grinding against them! How unfourtunate indeed! (sarcastic alert for the trolls)

    I think yahoo should have been called yeehaa then i would use it.

    ohh and i have nothing useful to say!

  2. After reading a bunch of geek-feminism blogs I understand this is a pretty sexist.

    Why the heck are there strippers at this event anyway? It’d be like going to a UN summit and whoops let’s break out the S&M gimps; sure some of ya’ll are into this.

  3. Where is this Yahoo that you speak of? The closest thing to his in the Federation is the Ferengi parlors and holosuites.

    Perhaps this Yahoo is being run by undercover Ferengi posing as humans in the early twenty-first century.

    I’ll be sure to “investigate” this matter and report to Starfleet.

  4. I’m sure all the guys at this event were totally horrified at this action by the guys at Yahoo, I mean how incosiderate..

    On a serious note, Why does this matter!? “Oh were sorry we got some lapdancers in to spice an event up”

    What will it be next?

  5. @branno people who cannot differentiate between being a rugged edgy non-conformist with lazy manchild sexism would really know obscure details like the difference between Thailand and Taiwan, eh?

  6. I guess this will teach hackers not to bring their wives / girlfriends to these events and spoil it for everyone…

    ESPECIALLY the female hackers who would have been laughing hard at some socially retarded nerd getting a lapdance trying not to soil his trousers..

  7. @ branno: You must be a pretty sad person if you get all butt hurt over two guys on the internet abbreviating words. I said Tai asshole, not Thai. Correct me in person, see if I don’t knock you off that fucking high horse.

  8. @sparx Is that really alright? It seems like you’re implying your gender means what you say on the issue is more meaningful; Are we discounting the opinion of all males on the issue then?

    I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but testimony is a poor form of evidence.

  9. I’m sure there are men in other countries that are offended by the uncovered faces of women. Perhaps Yahoo should bow to the will of those groups also and enforce burqas as a dress code for all women who attend.

  10. @CH – point taken and you’re right, as I can see both male *and* female readers are scratching their head over this. Rather it just should have said: why is this a hack? Oh well.

  11. The rest of you are just arrogant beyond your mean’s.

    I think having female entertainer’s is a cool idea. Not just because I’m male either. It’s because there’s no reason to deny the humanistic side of society that is so often shoved into the dark region’s of society status quo. Men are attracted to sexy women. Everyone knows this. It’s not like the women attending the event were forced to dance for the men, or even to partake in the stripper’s.

    Sound’s like the same people that condemned Bush for his behavior towards morality are taking up the same justification to enforce their own upon other’s….

  12. Dummm tiss dummm tiss

    Dont cha wish your company event was hot like this
    Dont cha wish your company event was a freak like this
    Dont cha, dont cha

    Sorry couldn’t resists :P
    I’ll be visiting Yahoo’s booth at the next RSA conference, maybe they give away a dance for free. And I thought Google was cool ;o)

  13. No, you see, having strippers is actually for the good of women. Help make them a little less uptight, am I right fellas? Whoa, girls, don’t get all hysterical on me. Damn must be that time of the month, eh?

  14. So everybody cares about exotic dancers but nobody cared about Yahoo turning over bloggers to the Chinese government to kidnap and torture?

    Just the same old story noni mouse. Do what you will, and they don’t care unless it has something to do with sex. The self described, morally ambiguous moral majorty are the scourge of the Earth.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks it’s incredibly ironic that BoingBoing is up in arms about it, when they run ads for porn websites, and their articles and homepage are frequently NSFW?

  16. Wow!

    Has any of you though about the anguish of a gay hacker forced to laugh with the audience and pretend he is into girls?
    Another example of the heterocentrist society we live in. It’s straight pride 364 days a year, and this in another sorry example. Yuck!

    Oh, I forgot, gay guys are not real guys… of course, there can’t be a gay hacker.

    Don’t assume I’m straight, I won’t assume you’re an a**hole…

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