Yahoo Hires Strippers For Hackers


Yahoo has issued a public apology for an event that occurred at their recent Hack Day in Taiwan. Apparently they  hired strippers for the event, two years in a row. The girls did their usual bump and grind all over some poor hackers. Poor guys. While there is a part of us that says, “what about the little girls getting into hacking?” the other part of us says, well, you know what it says.  Wow, we’re suddenly feeling the urge to use yahoo for all of our services. How peculiar.

[via BoingBoing]

62 thoughts on “Yahoo Hires Strippers For Hackers

  1. Yeah. As is, this is not a hack.

    But let’s take your thought one step further: If someone could program an arduino to flash LEDs on the ends of the dancers’…er…”tassles,” you could generate a digital display over each hooter, just like a pair of propeller clocks!

    Now, code in a little bit of company advertisement or some corporate logos and bingo! It’s all legit!

    With enough tiny LEDs, you might even get the resolution up enough that you could regenerate PowerPoint presentations. I guarantee your audience wouldn’t fall asleep, no matter how boring the speaker…as long as the audience was predominantly male.


    @sparx said:
    >IF the strippers had been wearing some >programmable LEDs then yeah, I’d consider this ?much more hack-a-day worthy ;)

  2. @Phillipe:

    “Heterocentrist society?” You’re kidding, right?

    I’ve got news for you… this is a “heterocentrist” PLANET. Most animals, at least those above single-celled pond-creatures reproduce *sexually.*

    Sexual reproduction is how YOU came into being.

    Here’s another bit of news for you. Most people, including myself, really DON’T CARE what your orientation is, and don’t want to hear about it. This is a free society, and we believe in tolerance.

    On the other hand, tolerance for an orientation is not the same thing as tolerance for advocacy. So, while I don’t expect that a guy who is born with one leg shorter than the other should be beat up or discriminated against, I also don’t expect that this person would try to convince the world that having a short leg is an “alternate lifestyle.” Nor would I expect that guy to whine that society is so “even-legged-centric.”

    I am disinclined to “assume” you are gay, primarily because I simply don’t care. Your militancy makes me more inclined to assume you are the a**hole.

  3. Who cares? It’s a pretty stupid marketing ploy, it’s not acceptable in most Asian cultures, and to be honest, I’ve always found Chinese women ugly.

    So: good job. Ugly women dancing in association with a media company that tries to convince people it’s a technology company. Exactly what I come to hackaday for.

  4. I really don’t think this is that bad. I remember heaps of conferences and trade shows with booth babes, heck last years Sydney VMware conference had a guy dressed as a fireman (and a girl), both were scantly clad and the fireman was damn hot bare chest an nice little tight black shorts.
    I could see this disturbed the guys a little but please, they were mobbing the girl.
    I think that was from f3 networks, if they do it this year I am going to cite yahoo’s precendence on that guy :)

  5. @sharky YES!!!

    lol dont forget this is america were every one is labled some crap and anything you do can offend someone…


    besides they were shemales anyways lmao

  6. so what prompted yahoo’s apology? did a bunch of grandmas show up at the event, get upset, and write a bunch of letters or something? why can’t people let each other have fun. big ups yahoo for throwing a good party.

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