Broken TV Brought To Life In LEGO Body


After letting it sit around for about 3 years, [Blake] decided it was time to fix his broken 15″ television. A little trouble shooting showed the problem was with the inverter. The backlight would come on for a few seconds, off for a few seconds, then repeat. By freeing the Magnavox 15MF400T from its metal case he got it working again, but couldn’t find the source of the short. His solution: build a new case out of non-conductive material. Voilà! We have the 15″ LEGO monitor.

It’s not a very complicated LEGO build, but it’s the first case mod we’ve seen in a long time that isn’t strictly gratuitous.  Join us after the break for more pictures.LEGO-monitor-backside

Above we see the backside of the monitor. The ladders are a nice touch.


Here is the PCB where the video connections are made. The board appears to be free-floating. Finding a more permanent way of attaching this and perhaps building a LEGO access panel would be a nice improvement.


These are the left over parts of the case. If these are the only discarded parts and the rest of it is useful again, we think it’s a success.


21 thoughts on “Broken TV Brought To Life In LEGO Body

  1. Thats deffinatly a secondary monitor with Ultramon. It gives you a taskbar with no start and no system tray.

    It also adds 2 buttons to the top of your window that allow you to maximize the window across all screens, and the other one moves the window to the next monitor.

  2. OMG
    Couldn’t he find a better case? For example to mount the screen on a wooden board and the PCBs behind it. But this is the most inpractical soulution I can think of and it looks gay too.
    poor hackaday

  3. ….gotta love trolls
    this is 1 of the best case mods sofar
    hm, speaking of case mods, has anyone made a case out of old motherboards yet?
    btw, i just found a 3.2 ghz hp in the alley with a 80 gig hdd, score!

  4. Yeah sure, saying that using lego as makeshift casing is miserable is considered trolling… What aboot the fact that even a monkey can do better than this, the fact that a Hack is supposed to be a clever use of something, out of the box thinking or showing some skills ? A retard using lego bricks in a way that would put shame to a toddler is not a hack. It’s a tribute to mediocrity.

  5. cool would have been ripping out the (dead) backlight tubes, removing the panel and then grafting the panel into the case of a dead crt monitor, with a high wattage LED behind the panel.

    even better, take the centre polarisers off the panel(s) (best to use one with scratches for this), sandwich the panels together and make a 3-D monitor.

  6. You wankers and you’re, “what would have been better… miasma. spare us all
    Excellent way to get rid of a broken tv and some useless chinese plastic parts imo. Throw it in the kids room & call it a day. This way you can stream your propaganda direct even while they’re sleeping!

  7. I can see the benefit of using legos to make a new frame. Yeah, it may be a little bulky, but if you can find a strong enough glue it will be more durable than the original plastic. Also, you can make your own designs or even set up a lighting scheme with transparent legos.

  8. Id like to extend a thank you to all the people who mock my creation. Hackaday wasn’t made(as far as i know) for people who think they can do better to try to prove it by telling others that their idea was stupid and that they could have done it better. I was just posting a bit about what I had done for the people who care to look at it. If you could have done it better, fine. Go do better. I used what I had available on short notice, and I am quiet proud of what I’ve done.

    To clear up any questions, YES I am using Ultramon to extend my task bar to my second monitor. I didnt include my main monitor in the pictures because the article was about the rebirthed one. The difficult part of the monitor was having to use VGA ports for both monitors. Required going in and messing with the BIOs til it worked. My Version of Vista is NOT pirated in any way.

    Thank you for the positive comments from the people who did post them, and to those who bash on others ideas, go play in traffic. Dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all

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