[techknott]’s Portable Dreamcast


[Sydney] sent in this fantastic portable Dreamcast, built by [techknott], in response to the one we posted yesterday. While we agree, this one is much more polished, we want to point out why the post yesterday is more Hack A Day material. Sure, it looks more “hackish”, but that’s not what we are referring to. What we want to draw your attention to, is the lack of information. Yesterday, there was a build log. Today, there is not. Sure the other one could have had much much more information and we’re not commenting on which one is “better”. We’re just reminding you to please please please document your projects. Oh, and also, this thing is awesome.

9 thoughts on “[techknott]’s Portable Dreamcast

  1. Nice, I especially like the magnetic disc cover, but the gaps around it mst generate one hell of a draft.

    I hope the console (and game) manufacturers realise no-one wants to see loads of credits and cutscenes every time they want to play a game – did you notice the impatient clicking of the button to bypass these?

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