L2Ork – Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra

Create Digital Music Wrote a semi guide for Linux music creation and interaction after interviewing the L2Ork group. L2Ork is a Virginia Tech based Orchestra that use only laptops loaded with a custom Linux kernel, Wii remotes, and home built speaker salad bowls to produce some surprisingly amazing music. We’ve seen music creation from Wii Remotes before, but it didn’t sound anything like what L2Ork has created. The best part of the project, there are several videos and guides produced by L2Ork so you don’t have to attend Virginia Tech to produce your own music.

6 thoughts on “L2Ork – Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra

  1. but do they know anything about music? there’s a big, thick, opaque line between “idiot making noise in a novel way and calling it music” and “trained musician experimenting with novel media.”

  2. Dan: It shouldn’t be too hard (more time consuming than anything) to get the MIDI for each instrument in an orchestral piece and feed that to a computer. You can make pretty decent-sounding music (if not original) that way.

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