CES: Hack A Day Meets Revision3

We managed to spot some of the Revision3 team at CES, and its good to know that we have fans in high places! We took this shot with [Caleb], [Patrick Norton], [James], and [Veronica Belmont]. Unfortunately [Roger Chang] was a little camera shy, so he took the photo for us. Hi-Res Shot is available, as always.

14 thoughts on “CES: Hack A Day Meets Revision3

  1. @CrashingDutchman – nah shes not single. her “significant other” was on the show the other day, bald dude.

    @Haku – its pretty obvious dude, they merged it with tekzilla probably due to ratings.

  2. @Davo – that’s what they told us to shut us up, however there was only ever one single (completely underwhelimg) Systm segment in Tekzilla after they canned Systm, then nothing.

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