CES: HackaDay Interviews ATMEL


We got to talk to an ATMEL representative showing off the RZ600 Zigbee system for AVR systems. The system was also displaying the QTouch slider and wheel devices, all combined to create a wireless controller for a tetris game running on the development board. It was great to talk to a representative with a lot of respect and interest in the university and hacking communities.

14 thoughts on “CES: HackaDay Interviews ATMEL

  1. atmel is great and everything. but could they please get rid of the robo-mech warriors? I feel like they’re marketing their chips as toys. An image like that will possibly alienate any industry from taking them seriously.

  2. Really – a chip manufacturer at the core of the hacking community and you give the interview 23 seconds? You should have asked the HaD users for questions and scheduled at least 15 minutes off the floor with ATMEL. Sheesh – I guess it’s back to Arduinos blinking lights, right HaD?

  3. You guys requested it, and we went back and talked to the Atmel guy again. We managed to get some more info, so keep an eye out for a post soon from Devlin about what we found out.

  4. You’d be surprised who reads sites like hackaday, I think it would not harm them to realize that.
    There are after all only so many sites that cover these things, so some very interesting people sneak in and visit, sometimes people controlling significant funds too.

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