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I got my hands on a set of augmented reality glasses that were displayed with a Monkey-Ball style game. This wasnt anything too new as far as the augmented reality goes, however the glasses that were used with the game featured stereo cameras on the center of the outside of the lens, which allowed a true 3D augmented vision that you wouldn’t have to stare into a screen for. These glasses were still in the demo stage, but if they ever make it out into retail, I think that they would be exactly what could bridge AR from a fun toy to a useful tool. Another review video after the break.


7 thoughts on “CES: Augmented Reality

  1. That would be one of Ohan Oda’s demos running on it. Ohan is the primary developer (with Steven Feiner and other members of his program at Columbia) of the Goblin XNA framework.

    Don’t dismiss his AR work. In terms of integrating real physics-based interaction, stereoscopy, and peripheral device integration, I think his is the best demo there is so far. And that’s just a demo written by the programmer of the framework!

  2. I really liked this one. The main problem I see with most Augmented Reality is that you have to hold it up and look at a different screen. This was pretty slick. Of coarse it won’t have an “every day use” since it requires headgear.

  3. I need one yesterday.

    It’s a shame head-mounted displays are so cheap despite the fact that small LCD panes have gotten much cheaper. Maybe I should make some up because the Sony Glasstron 640×480 model is just not clear enough.

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