Hackaday Links: February 21 2010

Powerplant control room panoramas:

There are two power plants presented in 360 degree panoramas here. All those dials and switches just get us giddy. The one pictured above was built in 1918 and is still in operation. Not only are the control rooms here, but several other locations around the facility too.

Energy recycling prosthetic foot:

At first, we thought that this energy recycling prosthetic foot was going to be a power generating device to harvest some energy using our weight in the heel compression. Actually, it is showing off a fancy micro controller based system for reproducing our naturally springy step.

Translating in real time with google:

Google is working on a system to do real time translation of text on your phone. It is integrated into the “google goggles” software which allows you to search the internet using images from your phone. This is pretty cool, but with google translate and OCR being readily available for quite some time now, we have to wonder; why didn’t we think of that?

Exploded images of everyday objects:

[Adam Voorhes] has put together a small collection of exploded views of everyday objects. While they aren’t laid out great for reference, they look good and might make nice artwork in your workshop.

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 21 2010

  1. I like how the exploded view of “everyday objects” consists of an etch-a-sketch, a frog, an antique telephone, and a gun. Those are sure everyday objects for me.

    You make a wonderfull point, sir.

  2. Yeah the exploded view guy… It was as lame and uninspired as the last time he tried this three years ago, or was it someone else? If it was someone else, then it is uninspired and already done. Also, what keeps a tear-down from being art? Oh yeah, having the good sense to “explore relationships with electronics and the life inside them we never recognize yet interface across multiple intersections of class, race, gender, etc.” and then charging money for it… Otherwise I have a niece that is 5 and is the next Picasso of taking things apart lol. Learn to draw, get a soul, stop mooching off of pop art and then the talent or lack thereof will show itself.

  3. Like the Czech hydroelectric generator room and how the pre-digital area survived inside there. The dials look as they are still from 1918. Don´t think any modern LCD display runs that long.

  4. Love the ornate posts that the gagues are on in the Czech control room. I wish the site allowed you to download sections of image minus the interface, rather than offering $25 ‘prints’ of it looking all skewed and fish-eyed. Anyone fancy going there?

  5. I like the power plant so steam punk I really like how one turbine was shown under going maintenance so you can see the insides of it.

    The everyday objects I only have two of those on hand the etch a sketch and the gun.
    I don’t have an antique telephone or frog handy.

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