Nimbus, Portable N64

We love a beautiful and successful N64 portable mod, (In case that fact wasn’t already obvious). And today we would like to add [cndowning’s] Nimbus N64 to our list of favorites.

The base is made from vacuum formed plastic while the buttons come from a modified superpad and the screen is a Zenith 5inch. We couldn’t find word on battery life or weight, but for those that like a hunt, or have other questions, the build logs are available. Follow the jump for a video of the Nimbus in action.

[Thanks Fernando, and GaryC for our silly typo]


21 thoughts on “Nimbus, Portable N64

  1. I wonder how many of these things exists total? Probably above 100 but below 1000? I can see them becoming coveted diamonds in the rough as future generations become less interested in N64’s.

  2. Ok, now I am not loving the portable N64 mods so much.
    How many have there been now?
    “Probably above 100 but below 1000?”
    Maybe something close!

    It is very good as a piece of modding wonder but people should start making something else now! :p


  3. They’re all big though, if someone made it a lot smaller that would be cool. N64 portability modding will always stay interesting as long as the mods get smaller and smaller…

  4. @Stuart –

    There is a lower limit though – if you want to use the original hardware, you are (mostly) constrained by the size of the motherboard.

    Maybe one day the schematic will be released and someone will come up with a smaller board layout? THAT would be an awesome hack.

  5. Cool mod.

    I wonder if guys on hot-rodding sites have like that ONE guy who complains that someone has taken another car and customized it it be cool and unique?

    Do you think those guys come off as a douche to those guys too?

  6. Yeah i agree, i know this is a great hack and all, but its getting old now no offence :) Thats why i am working on my portable yes PORTABLE XBOX handheld instead :P

  7. I am sure people on a hotrodding site would start to get board if everyone did the exact same mod to the exact same car every single time, there are other consoles out there, lets see a saturn

    and “if you dont like it dont read it” is pretty fkin retarded on a blog site

  8. What would be nice if one of these modders that use these custom made cases actually got a bunch made and sold them.

    While I don’t care that much for a portable N64 I’d be more inclined to do one if I had a case for it.

    Just because I guess.

  9. You serious osgeld?
    This is actually one of the more genius designs i have seen so far.

    I haven’t seen too many PS1 mods actually now that you mention others.
    PStwo would be a nice target as well, with an SSD perhaps if you wanted to use an emulator for your old games as well, or back current disc games on to the drive to save having to carry 50 discs everywhere with you.
    Hell, you wouldn’t even need to mod much, just slide it in a case and plop a screen on it, PStwo is already tiny as it is.
    In fact, i’m pretty sure PStwo was smaller than PSone overall. (but admittedly PSones casing bulked it out a bit)

  10. The N64 games I own are sooooo much better than anything for the NDS that I inherited. I don’t know about PSP games though. But other than the Pandora, this is probably the best handheld game console out there.

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