Store Update: Remember This?

The Hack a Day store has a couple new items.  It was brought to our attention that we once held a T-shirt contest, and people really wanted access to that design. Well, now you can get it. The design on the shirt will be roughly 13″x10″ and located at the hem under the right arm. Please note that this is not identical to the previously made ones that you may have noticed at CES.  The design is also available as a large sticker.

We would love to see our stuff in the wild, so please upload your pictures to Flickr and put them in the Hack a Day pool.

21 thoughts on “Store Update: Remember This?

    1. @pod,
      Unless I got enough orders to warrant an entire shirt order, the cost of the shirt would go up. I’d have to pay shipping on a single shirt to my home to make it for you. I ordered the black in bulk to cut down that cost. Similar story with the vinyl, to do a single shirt in a different color would end up costing more.

      That doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I just can’t do it TODAY without charging more. Anybody else want red shirt/white logo?

  1. dudes, just make your own. Silkscreening a shirt is not hard.

    Now if HAD was not hording a nice high res file of their logo and gave it out to all of us to make a cool design.

  2. Fartface has no interest in making something, just a troll

    So any chance of a XXL in the future? I find that while an XL fits me once, the moment I wash one it becomes a rag, whereas with a XXL it fits me like a friggin mu-mu once but once I wash them they are just about perfect

  3. I’ve got one of these shirts, it’s got a paint smear from the screen print by the logo. Would be better if the logo was up a bit higher, most of it is covered with the shirt tucked in.

  4. I just order mine!! I got the Contest winner and the Hackaday Basic T-shirt! I was order 98!

    I also got a small sticker because I could not figure where to put a 8 inch sticker… on my car :P

    It cost me 12$ of shipping to Quebec,Canada.

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