Hack a Day T-Shirt Contest winner

Congratulations to [John Keppel] for his winning t-shirt design. He wins a Dash Express, an in-car navigation device with both cellular and WiFi data support. It’s running Linux on top of the Openmoko FreeRunner’s hardware platform; yes, [John], we do expect you to hack it. We’ll let all of you know when we plan on putting the shirt into production. Thank you to everyone that entered!

34 thoughts on “Hack a Day T-Shirt Contest winner

  1. I liked the green one better

    But o well, I’ll never have it anyway.. (Mexican reader here – can’t buy stuff on the internet)

  2. Congrats to John for winning with his utterly generic and predictable shirt design.

    Yeah, I’m bitter, big whoop, wannafighdaboudit? :P

    @ie: You should be proud of those! Good job working with the hiddeous, amateurish H.A.D. logo.

  3. Yeah Lets see the Entries. I know my entry was way better than that. Whats the deal. I get no confirm if you got my entry, your site was down for a week after wards almost, and You had files that you couldn’t use in most Open source tools. Not bitter but I know that there were definitely Better Entries.

  4. What do you called the patterns/designs for the printed circuit board underneath the skull graphic? I am always trying to find such images on the internet for my own art stuff, but cannot figure out the right search phrase.

  5. @michael slater:

    You can always search google images for a phrase like “circuit board traces”, although I believe most designs like that are just drawn from scratch (and they don’t have to make much sense). Just keep the traces to 90 degrees and 45 degrees angles and add in pads here and there and it’ll look just as good as a real circuit. You can also look up “printed circuit board” for some inspiration too.

  6. great design! i’ll definitely buy one. i’ve wanted a hack a day shirt for years. to everyone else… thats really nice work. keep it up! congratulations [john]!

  7. I’ll buy one. Why don’t you have all of the other ones that made the final list on a page so that people who want some different shirts can get them?

  8. Can I request a .png of the design? I would very much like to adopt that design for my school’s Engineering Club shirt (High School) [I’m the president] =D

  9. The nice part about the shirt is the skull makes it look like something quite stylish, and downplays the geeky nature of what it’s all about… Then again, nerds run the planet now – go us!

  10. I really like this shirt, but I keep checking and the store is allays down. are there plans to open the store or make a category of down-loadable graphics so I can produce my own shirts?

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