Halloween House Has Been Known To Burst Into Song

Just a day after Halloween and a replacement for Michael Jackson has been found, in the form of a very talented musical house. Not only does this house come close to a Michael Jackson dance routine but can mimic the voice quite well.  The house has also been known to do the Monster Mash as well as Sandstorm (Techno) by Darude. YouTube’s KJ92508 has uploaded his Halloween conquests for all to enjoy.  As of yet, he has not made a how to or even done a walk through video in broad daylight but here is to hoping he will due to numerous requests for a sneak peak.  He has mentioned that he used “4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved and blow mold pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights.” I look forward to what is in store for next years decor.  Just another example of what technology in everyday life and a little elbow grease can do.  Be sure to check out the video of “Thriller” as done by this house after the break.


We know that he’s using a commercial product called Light-o-Rama, but not much else. Anyone got some info?

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  1. “We know that he’s using a commercial product called Light-o-Rama, but not much else. Anyone got some info?”

    Assuming he is using a Light-o-rama system, that would pretty much sum it up. Light-o-rama is a system that lets you sync up music to light control modules. The software is very easy to use, and so are the modules. You can download the software for free to play with, but you have to pay for the serial controlled modules.

    The system has been around for a long while, and is behind pretty much any music + lights house you find on youtube. Including the one that was made into a beer commercial a few years back. It’s like a home use DMX system & software.

    As cool as this is, he’s using a commercial product for it’s exact purpose. There’s not a reason in the world to call this a hack.

    What would be cool to see, is if anyone did this using open source DMX modules and software. That is something HAD would be keen to post.

  2. LOL @ The write-up asking for a how-to. What’s up with that? Is there really that little creativity left in your minds? What ever happened to figuring it out yourself? Asking for a “how-to” is like asking for someones hard-earned homework solutions so you can copy them and claim them as your own. WTF! If he wants your lazy ass to know exactly how he did it, he’ll tell you!

  3. There’s not going to be a How-to because there’s nothing to it. It would be: Plug light into control box, plug control box into computer, program sequence. Done. That’s how the Light-o-rama system works. No hacking required. The daylight ‘behind the scenes’ would be a bunch of extension cords and LOR control boxes.

    What this guys gets mad props for is the creative ability to program the sequence so well, setting up a good scene, and for the cool faces. Although singing faces is rather common for LOR systems now.

  4. Umm .. check out the forums at http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com That is where the DIY crowd collaborates, designs, and builds the LOR alternatives. We have DMX and ArtNet capable systems, propreller based wireless controllers, etc. If you want to control a light, scene, prop, water fountain, DIYC probably has a circuit that can do it. Oh, and yes, with DMX, we can even run LOR hardware too.

    I use the DIYC REN 24’s in series for my Halloween haunt. This guy will probably change out the pumpkins for mini trees, change the programming profile, and be good to go for Chistmas.

  5. Please reupload the video somewhere else.
    There are lots of video portals that aren’t giving a shit for copyrights.

    OR: There are lots of nice tracks for your videos that are not copyrighted by some dumbass moneymakers.

  6. from the light-o-rama website:
    “Kevin Judd Riverside, CA United States. My 2010 entry is not your traditional Christmas display. My family and I are more into decorating for Halloween although we also do Christmas, but on a much smaller scale. My show consist of 4 singing faces (each independent of each other), hand carved and blow-mold pumpkins, tombstones, strobes, lightsticks, floods and approx. 12,000 lights (which is really not a lot compared to others) of 3 different colors…Orange, Red and Blue. The sequencing of just the face movement took just as long as sequencing the rest of the lights. It took me a good 8 to 10 hrs to sequence per minute of the song. I used two (2) 1602W and seven (7) CTB16PC controllers totaling 140 channels (4 ch’s not used). This is my 3rd year using Light-O-Rama and couldn’t be any happier with its products and service. The music I used for my entry, “This is Halloween” is from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Marilyn Manson did a cover of the original song. This year I posed 6 different videos of my shows on YouTube and received over 2.2 million hits with the “Thriller” video itself receiving 1.2 million hits. My “This is Halloween” received so far 415,000 hits. This has been much more than expected and my videos has been broadcast in Japan and the UK for crazy foreign videos. You can see more of my Halloween videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/KJ92508 Thanks for your consideration.”

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