Putting Too Many Horses In A Golf Cart

Want to put 100 horses into your golf cart and then take it to the Dragstrip? Why not? [Mac McAlpine] did just that by dropping a 2007 GSXR 600 EFI into a 1987 gas-powered Yamaha golf cart. After the break you can see a video of the test run, as well as an overview of the modifications made when swapping engines. [Mac] mentions that the setup still uses the stock bike chain and jackshift even with the upgrade in power. He has, however, upgraded both the front and rear axles with caliper and drum brakes respectively. There’s also a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow wing on the roof to help keep the wheels on the pavement.

Good thing he’s wearing that helmet. Without a seatbelt it’ll make smashing through the windshield a little more comfortable. Drive carefully [Mac]!

Test run:




49 thoughts on “Putting Too Many Horses In A Golf Cart

  1. When people said “why are the Android Java tutorials on here??” I disagreed, hell, it’s uber geeky to build your own android app y’know, most people aren’t programmers (well, on this site I’m sure they are).

    However, this isn’t hacking. There isn’t even talking in the poor quality videos, and I don’t count the sniffle.

    Cmon guys, really? a suped up golf cart?

  2. @sunjester

    I am thoroughly confused.

    You pass by the “suped” (see: souped) up golfcart on a feed that takes into account most things that regard to stepping outside the boundary of conformity.

    This is no different from getting linux to run on a kindle or likewise. Using the machine for purposes other than intended fits perfectly within my definition of a “hack”.

    Yet you praise the android java tutorials which couldn’t be farther from the loosely defined term hack.

    I haven’t read a single android entry, yet I have read this one. Your argument is invalid.

  3. From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hack_%28technology%29

    Hacking (English verb to hack, singular noun a hack) refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer.

    Putting a huge engine in a golf cart, not the way it was intended to be used. HACK.

    Using the android audio as serial communication, not the way it was intended to be used. HACK.

    A tutorial how to use the android development kit. Exactly as it was intended to be used. No hack here.

  4. Holy crap, this golf cart has such an incredible potential to kill!!! I’d hate to see him turn too fast. I hope they limited the top speed, and added some steering stabilization to it! The “roll bars” on a typical golf cart will bend/fold if you roll hard enough!!!

  5. safty yes i have one i see no 4point safty harnas
    it have no roll bar no race overall no helmed
    if you creash your a pretty fuckt up

    but the bild off the golfcart is nice done
    hy must be to do more on seafty

  6. He should have welded a frame together and considered adding a roll cage and points for a harness. Otherwise, replace the glass with plastic and wear motorcycle leathers.

    I still think it’s an idea that’s been done better before, especially when you see Smart Hayabusa conversions.

  7. I’m curious how he passed tech. My daughter’s car, with a 5hp briggs will require a new 5 point harness next year because it’s past its best-before date. (2 years!) I’m pretty sure, with the open cockpit, he would require a 5 point harness, arm restraints, maybe a roll cage, probably a fire suit. I don’t think that thing would make it past the staging lanes at our track.

  8. it’s a hacking blog. i hate people that blast tutorials being posted as not a “hack.” it helps people hack, therefor they wanted to share it to the hacking community. don’t freaking click on the read more button if it doesn’t interest you.

    and most of all, you can always choose to go to another hacking blog.

    ffs people…

  9. @ Ekaj.

    Obviously you know nothing about golf carts OR motorcycles. You can PLAIN AS DAY hear in the video he was only in ONE gear. He never shifted.

    had it been me, I’d have a shifter linkage hooked up and would have ran through a couple gears down that drag strip.

    Sure it’s one thing to drop a ridiculously LARGE engine in a golf cart (compared to the stock setup). But it’s pretty pointless to limit yourself to 1 gear (out of 5 or 6 depending on the engine/trans you use).

    The engines used in golf carts range from 187cc to 300cc from what I have seen, but are single cylinder govern engines. Dropping a 4 cyl motorcycle engine in there, is most definitely a “hack”.

    On a more applicable note. Where’s the turbo hayabusa motor?????

  10. @nonermouse I was going to ask the same thing. I wonder if they did anything to improve lubrication. One of the big problems when using a motorcycle motor in any type of cart is the lubrication system doesn’t handle lateral g’s well.

  11. I love the people claiming “GSXR was a good choice” and “Why not YZF-R6”. Have you ever bought a motorcycle engine? If you’re going to do something like this, you’ll find that you end up buying what you can find in good shape for a good price. There is no “good choice” here, unless you have loads of disposable cash :D

    What are you talking about? The only concern here for lubrication would be the final drive, as that’s the only original lubricated component that appears to be left. Considering that he’s running ~10 times the expected power through it, he clearly does not expect it to last. Lubrication concerns could easily be addressed, but methinks that the gear and chain set will be trashed after a few days at the “track, lol

  12. This is awesome, always wanted to cannibalize a totaled 600 and put the motor/trans in a cart. I will build one someday.

    Two points, first I think nonermouse was just commenting on the two rival brands rather than the possible performance issues.
    Second, they have kits for relocated oil pickups for most bikes (usually for doing wheelies for long periods of time) that will keep the lube system going with many lateral g’s.

    Prett sure it doesn’t put down quite that much, I had an ’07 750 and it barely had ~129 stock.

  13. @Ekaj, et al:

    Safety is never a first priority. I think hackers especially, but most people in general, like things with more speed, power, fire, and ability to kill.

    If only this thing had a facial recognition system with an automated turret and fully automatic coil gun that shot flaming bolts… Controlled, of course, by an Arduino.

  14. @Spork. That is why I said that I was going to say the same thing. Keep it all Yamaha…
    Probably the real reason that the GSXR was used was that they tend to be more available than R6s because more of them crash. May they just sell a lot more of them.
    Nothing wrong with the GSXR except that it seems to be a favorite bike of new young riders. You put a new rider and a GSXR and it is just a matter of time before you have a collection of spare parts. The same is true of the ZX6, CBR600RR, and the R6 except for some reason those bikes seem to go to more experienced riders.

    Frankly I feel that selling any 600cc supersport to a 18-29 year old with that just finished their MSF course or worse hasn’t is just short of criminal.

  15. @lwatcdr
    Oh, I thought your two ideas were related from the way it was written. I had two GSXR’s over the span of 5 years and the only time I made spare parts was because an idiot in a mini cooper hit me on the highway. — I say idiot because he caused an accident by switching lanes illegally and then fleeing the scene afterward.
    I still have my classic GS750 (1976), but I haven’t ridden since the accident.

    Yeah, that’s probably it. 10HP is huge on a bike, I mean from the GSXR600 to the Hayabusa (1300) you only have about 50HP, but you can definitely feel it.

  16. while technically this is “hacking” I think typical car modifications engine swaps and the like aren’t the kind of hacks you’d expect to see here on HAD.

    I mean I’ve submitted my hacks in the past but the last couple of years I’ve spent shoving a Corvette V8 into my Nissan: http://solid-orange.com/757

    while I suppose technically it’s a “hack” I don’t think its anything that belongs on HAD.

  17. The CVT is the auto transmission/clutch. The engine runs in sixth gear and does not use the motorcycle clutch. The beauty of the design is the simplicity and the ability to drive it like a normal golf cart with only the gas pedal, brakes and FWD/REV lever. Being EFI, it is more environmentally friendly than your normal carbureted golf cart ;)

    Hopefully this will inspire others.

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