Adafruit Celebrates Ada Lovelace Day


If you weren’t aware, today is [Ada Lovelace] day, so [Ladyada] and Adafruit Industries are spending the day celebrating the achievements of women in the fields of technology, art, engineering, and electronics. Specifically, the focus is on fellow female makers/hackers who are helping shape and promote the industry.

Once every hour, Adafruit Industries is profiling one influential woman, paying tribute to her work and contributions to the tech/maker/art/science space. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces throughout the day, including electronics extraordinaire [Jeri Ellsworth], Make’s own [Becky Stern], as well as [Sherry Huss] and [Louise Glasgow], two of Maker Faire’s leading ladies.

The bios are certainly worth taking a look at – aside from some of the more familiar faces, it’s a great chance to learn about a few makers who you may not have heard of before.

As an added bonus, Adafruit is offering 10% off all purchases from the store using a coupon code that can be found on their site, so be sure to check it out!

15 thoughts on “Adafruit Celebrates Ada Lovelace Day

  1. Knowing they’re hackers makes them more attractive. Most powerful erogenous zone is the brain. I’m glad women like this are around, and 20 years from now my daughter will be too.

  2. Wouldn’t highlighting one’s accomplishments just because they belong to one gender sexist. What I mean is it might be more appropriate to honor ppl. solely based on their work regardless their gender.

    1. Maybe they could use handles that didn’t denote their gender…

      countchocula486dx is pretty silly and does the jerb, allowing for a more truthful review of their projects. Guys wouldn’t spend all of their time making comments on their sexuality, nor would they wear the “kid gloves” some guys do because they think they’ll get laid. Seems like an easy fix. The less important you make gender the less important it is.

      /mad props to ALL scientists male, female, and pansexual goo.

      1. But the entire point of the day is provide examples of women in the field so that young girls and women have someone to look up to or to inspire to be.

        When you have women being told both directly and indirectly by society that women aren’t in STEM or that’s not really an option for them it wears down the mind and you just don’t see women in the field as much as we should nor do they perform as well as they could because of the pressure.

        It would be nice if gender wasn’t an issue but unfortunately it’s been made one for women for quite some time. Women shouldn’t have to change how they approach the field, some men should just learn to behave better, it’s really not that hard.

        I mean you don’t really see me or any other women on HAD feeling compelled to talk about the attractiveness of male or female hackers when they’re presented in an article.

  3. Why is Ada Lovelace even celebrated? You do realise that she accomplished nothing. It was Charles Babbage that did all the work on the Difference engine. She just wrote down what she understood of it.

    Here’s an idea: celebrate women that actually accomplished something on their own.

    1. No, more like she translated an Italian mathematics manuscript while appending it to more pages than the original by designing an algorithm to calculate Bernoulli numbers on a machine that hadn’t even been built yet.

      Can YOU do that?

    2. It’s also a day for celebrating other women’s accomplishments so your point is meaningless and it got the name because whether you like it or not she wrote the first computer program.

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