Weekly Roundup 11/26/11

In case you missed them the first time, here are our most popular posts from the past week:

In first place is a post about [Yves Rossy’s] flight suit that he built that literally allows him to jump out of an airplane and really fly instead of falling with style.

Coming in at second place is one that brings our plans of blowing up the Death Star just a little closer. It is a true 3D display that uses lasers to ionize the air at just the right places to produce 3D images.

In third place is one that we might build ourselves one day. [dimovi] figured out that he could take apart a computer monitor and remove its polarization filter to make a display that looks like just a white screen to everyone who isn’t wearing polarizing sunglasses.

Next up is a post about a LED wall that was hand built by [Martin].

Finally we have a teardown of a Verifone payment module that [Jerzmacow] kindly put online. This device has all sorts of useful parts inside.

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