IR Remote For DSLR Cameras

Since most DSLR cameras now have an IR communication port, [Julius] thought it would be a good idea to build an  IR shutter release remote. He has released the plans for two versions; a single sided hand etched one, and a double sided one to have made professionally. He notes that it should have a range of at least 10 meters thanks to the 100mAh Li-Po battery and a reasonably high power IR LED.  You can download the source code as well as the etching mask and eagle files from the wiki page.  He does note that you may have to change the pattern sent to match your camera.

8 thoughts on “IR Remote For DSLR Cameras

    1. The camera will trigger the shutter after it has received the full code. Though you feel it releasing almost instantly, at least with my camera the delay (after receiving the last “high-level”) is big enough to not see the IR-light.

    1. Using a CR2032 Battery with a Capacitor to buffer the high currents of the LED, was my first idea too. But When I calculated the capacity for >=100mA IR-LEDs, I realised that I would need a rather big capacitor, so that my design would not be as small as it is with the LiPo.

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