Hack A Webcam And A Film Camera Into A USB Microscope

Most of you probably have a webcam sitting around somewhere, and after all the high voltage projects you’ve done using disposable cameras, we bet you have some camera lenses too. You could always do what [Butch] did and combine the lens from the camera with the webcam to do some up close inspection.

This seems like something we’ve seen several times, but we can’t find it in our archive. Such a simple and quick hack looks surprisingly effective in his shots. If you want to see the details, like where he tied into the webcam’s board to power an external LED, you’ll have to download the PDF.

8 thoughts on “Hack A Webcam And A Film Camera Into A USB Microscope

  1. Nice project, but more akin to a USB jewelers loupe that it is a a USB microscope. Handy for saving an image, something you can’t do with with a standard loupe that’s always ready to use anywhere any time.

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