Wardriving For Zigbee

Wardriving started out as a search for unprotected WiFi access points before hot spots were prevalent. And so this ZigBee protocol wardriving hardware which [Travis Goodspeed] put together really gives us a sense of nostalgia for that time. Don’t get us wrong, we love our pervasive WiFi access and don’t wish to go back to simpler times. But if the radio signals your looking for are scarce, locating them provides a challenge.

Regular readers will recognize that [Travis] is interested in all things RF. One of his projects included sniffing wireless keyboard packets out of thin air and displaying them on the screen of his Nokia N900. This is right along those lines but he’s upgraded to an N9 phone for the display hardware. He switched up the RF hardware, using a TelosB (a board he’s already familiar with) to get on the 802.15.4 ZigBee spectrum. This dev board has an expansion port which let him use an RN42 module for wireless communications with the phone. This means the sniffing hardware can be hidden away in a backpack or jacket. After all, nobody will question someone walking around staring at a smart phone.

9 thoughts on “Wardriving For Zigbee

  1. i JUST set up my wardriving setup with an android for GPS and a netbook with 2 RTL8187 wifi cards, long range bluetooth and 4X RF sniffers

    this is actually a far simpler solution for an on-the-go wardriver
    as if there is any other type :P

  2. Pretty slick giant lego block enclosure he’s got going on. I feel the red switch and USB plug on top ruin the lines. Somehow the wireless antenna doesn’t though…

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  3. If you’re going to use a Smartphone for display, just use the smartphone to sniff the wifi signals.

    As the commercials say: “There’s an app for that”.

    Lots and lots of apps actually.

  4. well this is not ZigBee wardriving it’s 802.15.4 wardriving (PHY + MAC Frames) … as far as I understand the GoodFET firmware. ZigBee (PRO) is a network + application layer which sits ontop of 802.15.4 but it cleary is not 802.15.4. There are many other protocols like WirelessHart or 6LoWPAN and a endless propritary variants which use the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

    So to detect if a network is ZigBee PRO or something else furter analysing of the MAC Frames must be done, otherwise it’s only a 802.15.4 detector.

  5. This is an excellent example of how PAN(personal area networks), and BAN(body area networks) are becoming more popular, and a little more dangerous ;-)

    Little ye know, my quadcopter cracks wifi…


  6. Someone has been hacking any new computers in my home before even having the net. They use DNA spoofing,arp poisoning and either Evilgrade, Myth Ubuntu or Microsoft media centre itv to send some fm signal either by a satellite dish or strong fm antenna to install things on my computers without even being on the net. My question is some remote hacker has a device that can install remote control code like Terdo tunneling or RAS asynchronous adapter in Windows 7 or XP. How is this possible to hit my computer remotely without the Internet plugged in and how can I stop them from preventing me to load Windows in my home for the last 8 weeks. Can the hacker add software to an external USB hard drive to use my LCD TV to do this? I sure would like this to stop S I am getting married in 4 months and it has brought me a lot of stress. Do you know a great anti-hacker I am willing to pay to sniff this idiot out? Thanks!

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