DCPU-16 Running Pac-Man

If you’ve been trying to think of stuff you can do with the DCPU-16 this may inspire you to write a clone of  a classic game.

This version of Pac-Man was written using a sprite system with a 16 color pallette. It runs in an HTML-based emulator, so you can even monkey around with the assembly code to help you figure out how it works. But if you’re not into writing code that is this machine-close, you can just click the ‘run’ button and use your keyboard arrows to play through a level or two. You’ll notice there’s only one game board available so far and some things are still missing like that familiar waka-waka as he gobbles up the dots. Let us know if you mange to extend the features of this version.

In case you missed it, this emulator is running the DCPU-16 spec from Notch’s new game, 0x10c (. We have no idea how that’s going to shape up, but getting in on the game early will pay off it turns out to be as popular as Minecraft.

15 thoughts on “DCPU-16 Running Pac-Man

    1. Or at least MSP430, since Notch seemed to be going for a 16-bit CPU. While the (lack of) available address modes for destination operands can be a bit of an annoyance, and it does have some quirks, the 430 really is a clever and well-thought-out design.

  1. Does the DCPU-16 exist outside 0x01c, or is it just a part of that game?

    If not, I am impressed by the sheer volume of emulators/projects in only the three weeks since Notch announced it.

  2. lol

    if someone wants me to sit there and test a new design/archetecture for a hardware CPU all day long,
    they’d betterd be ready to pay me 50,000.00 – 100,000.00 $/year

    … with DCPU/10C i dont even get to see/use an electrical output, its like “testing the market” to see if all those peskey hardware modders will settle for a simulation,,,

    a simulation inside facebook,

    where we(they) can easily monitor 100% as long as they have a “virus” or a “fix”,

    the fix you downloaded from an FBI website,

    or should i say YAHOO website,
    as the article on yahoo that said to vitit a “FBI” website to fix your DHCP-redirect virus (today),
    was not posted to “other” news websites.

    hmm, only for logic geeks!
    IGNORE! hahahaha


      1. At the very least it would help you learn some of the basics of assembly. It’s not ‘job experience’ but it is programming experience.

        I don’t want to see a port of GCC to this thing. That would be worse than SDCC on a TI-84+, and it would ruin the point of the game.

        However, I would like to see some rehashes on the CPU design…

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