Hackerspace Intros: Null Space Labs In Los Angeles California

[Charlie] from Null Space Labs in Los Angeles, California sent in this fun little video as an introduction to their hackerspace. Going a bit  askew from the traditional “walk through” method of a tour, they decide to first attempt semi-successfully to fly a quadcopter, film some police commotion, then show off some projects in progress. Don’t worry, you do get to see a fair bit of the space and the copious piles of parts as well.

You may recall seeing some of the previous projects coming from this hackerspace  such as the time red bull sent them a mystery object and how they salvaged a pick and place machine.

Remember, we want to promote all the hackerspaces we can! We don’t care if you’re just 3 hackers in a basement with a single project, a multimillion dollar facility, or anything in between. Send us those video tours!

9 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intros: Null Space Labs In Los Angeles California

  1. These hackerspace videos are sweet! Hackaday should hold a contest for hackerspaces! Each hackerspace could send in a 5 minute clip of a tour of their hackerspace, then the winner could get some components or something. I’d totally be interested in seeing the highlights of that!

  2. i would love to start one in the valley here in cali, but like most noobs we lack info, and are clueless on where to begin not to mention that people that do these things tend to well stick to themselves lmao but have been very curious to start one so i have something productive to do.

      1. San Fernando I wanna start something for kids and adults that can’t travel too far something that will help them excel and understand that things can be done with ones thought but that will probly have to wait till next year after I buy a house with a huge garage lmao. Slowly but surely.

          1. late to the party here, but I’m in SFV as well and would love something local. Getting downtown or over to the east side is tough sometimes. If anyone sees this and wants to reach out, hit me up: eeyoreATloveablemeatbrickDOTcom

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