Hackerspace Intros: EgMakerSpace In East Gippsland Australia

[Scott Lambshed] took some time to shoot a video tour of egMakerSpace’s new digs. This hackerspace is located in East Gippsland Australia, which is to the East from Melbourne. We know the banner image we chose isn’t all that descriptive, but just look at all of that space! They’ve got a bounty of rooms to use for everything from crafts, to machine/wood shop, to retro computing. There’s even a nice outdoor patio area which was a bit overgrown to start with but cleanup has already begun.

The group is just getting moved into what must have been an old hospital or school. Aside from some network infrastructure, a room full of couches, and a few tools, there’s not a lot in place yet. But one thing that is already looking quite good is their horde of electronics components. The latter half of the video shows boxes, bins, trays, and tackle boxes full of goodies just waiting to make it onto the next protoboard project.

[Scott] is hoping to get the word out in the area about egMakerSpace, and that’s exactly what these introductions are for. So grab you favorite video capture device and send us your own local hackerspace tour.

11 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intros: EgMakerSpace In East Gippsland Australia

  1. Clarifications.

    West Gippsland is to the east of Melbourne. East Gippsland is about 3 hrs east of Melbourne (depending on where you start and how fast you drive). Gippsland takes up about a 1/3 of the state of Victoria.

  2. … I’m just gonna go ahead and take credit for this whole hackerspace tour bombardment thing because of my comment on the last one… but cool place! I love all the natural light!

  3. Yep, that’s actually ages from Melbourne… I’m from the suburbs and I had no idea about this place. Will need to check it out next time I have a road trip…

    1. Exactly what we thought when toiling with the idea, then we thought, why dont we just do it, and if it fails, at least we would have got to know like minded people. Although we dont have much built yet, we already think we are going to run out of space, LOL, who’d have thunk!

  4. Can’t believe we made it on Hackaday. Yes we are a 3-4 hour drive from Melbourne. The complex is an old hospital, which was later used as a school. This is only a small portion of the complex which we have acquired, still a significant amount of space vacant. I think we are all really looking forward to filling the space, and having makers making.

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