Hackerspace Intros: Squidfoo In Springfield, Missouri

I am particularly pleased to be announcing SquidFoo, an Art gallery/studio and hackerspace in Springfield Missouri (hackerspaces.org link). For those unaware, this small town is where I’m located (Brad Pitt came from here too!). I would love to take credit for this hackerspace, but I can’t. [Scott Sauer] and [Phil Broussard] created it and reached out to me when they heard I was in town. I’m going to make up for coming late to the party by helping them get organized, and possibly planning some events. You’ll be seeing more of SquidFoo here because this is probably where I’ll be doing future Hackaday projects for a while!

The space is divided into 4 physical areas. There’s the art gallery, the art studio/lounge, the hackerspace or “collaboratory”, and the chopshop. Right now, as you can see in the pictures, there’s quite a mess in the hackerspace and shop area. They just finished cleaning out a rather large basement  “the fallout shelter” to put all this stuff in, so the workstations should be much more usable in the immediate future. Right now, there are areas for painting, sewing, electronics stations, a 3d printer, the full shop. Some plans for the immediate future include adding an RFID system, automating our lighting, an amateur radio studio, alternative media studio, and there’s a nearly finished RepRap Mendel.

If you’re in the area, please stop by sometime and check it out. As I said, they’re just getting things going so there are only a handful of members. Those few members are kicking some butt though. I ran into [Ryan], aka [Platinumfungi] while he was working on a Metroid helmet prop for an upcoming video. He explains a bit about how it was made in this short clip. You might have heard of him before, he does custom modded classic gaming systems. I know I had seen his Zelda themed NES before.

Remember to send us your hackerspace intro. We don’t care how big or how small you are, Hackaday wants to get the word out to help you grow!

7 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intros: Squidfoo In Springfield, Missouri

  1. For a relatively small place, that’s a lot of hacktivity(?). Brad Pitt: “Springfield is where I came from and I’m really still just a nobody who ended up being an actor. In high school I would tell girls I was a “hacker” just so they would talk to me.”

  2. Wow! Hello fellow Springfieldions? Springfielders? Anyways, I am also in Springfield and just heard of this place, glad stuff like this is coming into our city!

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