Edwardian Laptop From A Steampunk Master

After receiving a Marconi from [Admiral Aaron Ravensdale] informing us of the completion of an exquisite steampunk laptop, we were simply delighted. [The Admiral]’s computational device, or Uhlian Calculator as is the preferred nomenclature, is a remarkable combination of design and function suitable for any remarkable gentleman bent on the domination of the fast approaching electrical frontier.

[Ravensdale]’s new steampunk laptop is built off his first laptop, an old Toshiba Satellite 1100. Not a speed demon by any means, but the quality of this build is phenomenal. The hinged keyboard tilts up into an ergonomic position when the laptop is opened, reveling a set of six LED jewels for the power, battery, and hard drive lights. To the left and right of the screen, a pair of miniature brass horns contain a set of stereo speakers.

The keyboard is an awesome modification of the stock keyboard very reminiscent of [Admiral Ravensdale]’s previous keyboard steampunkification.

[The Admiral] put up an Instructable going through the many hours he put into this fine piece of craftsmanship. There’s also a video showing the keyboard lifting mechanism and skeleton key power switch available after the break.


30 thoughts on “Edwardian Laptop From A Steampunk Master

    1. Longevity? While power consumption in minimal, this is a battery powered device, to conserve battery power? AFAIK the steampunk fashion doesn’t require putting up with the drawbacks of some old technology

      1. It’s already massive and probably unpleasant to use, why go half-way?

        Steampunk might be cool if people actually, you know, used _steam_. And other antiquated technologies. There’s an opportunity for real creativity and innovation here, but people are content to glue a bunch of brass shit to a piece of consumer hardware. It’s all way too superficial.

  1. The sort of laptop every DIY related club secretary needs to drag to the meetings. Arrive a tad late and dramatically ready it for use, especially deploying those speakers. Love those speakers. Personally I would have went for lighter finish on the wood.

  2. r_d, if you actually make something steam powered, there’s also a large, often unmovable heating device to create the steam, plus a tank to store the water. Not to mention that steam, in general, is VERY dangerous to work with.

    So yeah, you go ahead and make that steam-powered device.

    1. I’m not suggesting that anyone build a steam-powered laptop. The idea of a ‘steampunk’ laptop is silly to begin with, because you’re always going to be falling back on a ton of modern technology.

      Hell, even if he modded in some incandescent bulbs, that’d earn him just a little credit. Preferably, though, you’d opt to build like a little analytical/difference engine or something. With brass cogs and whatnot. Or a Tesla coil. Or something like the telegraph sounder that von Slatt made. Anything that actually does something with the parts you used.

    2. And I’m not trying to diminish this guy’s work. It’s really neat, and I’m sure it took a lot of effort to complete with that level of polish. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for HaD and it’s not something I’m particularly interested in.

    1. yay for questionable content. Yeah, defining steampunk is difficult. I’m the kind of person that will go nuts if you make something functionally steampunk. I’ll also ignore you if you’re hot gluing gears to things.

  3. Uhlscher Kalkulator xD
    I’m pissing my pants here! For those of you who don’t speak German, which might very well be the majority: He’s making a very good job of mocking a politician well known for his nonsense talk about the internet. And I somehow doubt Google will translate his blog post too well.

    I personally don’t really like steampunk and it’s aesthetics. But I have respect for his craftsmanship. That looks well done indeed!

    Herr Admiral, ich salutiere vor Ihnen!

      1. Very nice one. I’m able to speek german too, so I read your original text. I nearly fell of the chair, laughing.

        Herr Admiral, ich gratuliere.

        (Ich habs schon mehrfach gelesen bei clockworker,konnte aber bisher nirgens sagen dass es mir sehr gefallen hat.)
        Ich bin ein ihrer fans. Mit freundlichen grüßen, ihr Teck-Freak.

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