Hackerspace Intro: Chatt*Lab In Chattanooga TN

During our trip through Tennessee, we were able to get a sneak peak into a hackerspace that hasn’t quite opened its doors yet. Chatt*Lab in Chattanooga has just acquired a space and begun putting equipment in. Chattanooga, once called “the dynamo of the south” due to the amazing amount of industry located there, has been in need of a gathering place for like minded hackers for a while. They’ve been conversing through various means on the web for some time, but have finally found a space that suits their needs.

[Tim Youngblood] gave us a tour of what they currently have and shared a little bit of their plans for the future. As you can see in the video, there’s not a whole lot of stuff there yet. There are a handful of nice tools and a very nice looking and rather large CNC machine. However, they have solid plans and determined people, so we expect this to expand soon. On the subject of expansion, this space may seem tiny but that’s only because we shared the active space. The rest of the facility is vacant and available for them to expand into as they grow!

Let this act as a reminder, we don’t care how big or small your hackerspace is, send us a tour and we’ll publish a story on it. On almost every single hackerspace intro, we’ve seen comments where people had no idea there was a hackerspace in their immediate vicinity.

6 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intro: Chatt*Lab In Chattanooga TN

  1. I first found out about Chatt*Lab from the comments in the Rome, GA hackerspace. Nice to see that it’s on HaD! I can’t wait until it opens. Time to start writing down all the projects I’ve had in my head that require custom milling…

  2. This is REALLY great news! I’m looking forward to plugging into this. You know, the census SMSA definition of Chattanooga has a population of around 450K – I’m betting there are more than a few makers/hackers in these hills…..

  3. Big thanks to Caleb for paying us a visit.

    Y’all please visit our site and follow us for updates around our work and planning for getting the space open. We definitely appreciate the level of interest which is wind in our sails.

    Hope to see y’all at Maker Faire NC in Raleigh.

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