Genezap Improves Your Video Game Skills Using Corporal Punishment


As if getting your ass handed to you while playing video games wasn’t annoying enough, [furrtek] decided that the best way to help improve his skills was by inflicting physical pain each time his on-screen character died.

While perusing the Internet looking for something to break through the doldrums of the day, he came upon a video in which someone decided to try on a dog shock collar just for kicks. This sparked [furrtek’s] imagination, and he started to think that it would be pretty cool to use the same sort of device to make dying in a video game that much more unpleasant.

After ordering a set of collars online, he tore them apart to see how they functioned, and to measure just how big of a jolt they were able to deliver. [furrtek] then modified two Genesis controllers with a pair of ATtiny 25s, which let him send the fire signal to the collars. Unfortunately, stock Genesis games don’t allow you to send signals to the controllers, so [furrtek] had to spend some time hacking ROM images to trigger events when players are injured or lose a life.

We think the project is pretty slick, and if you don’t mind fiddling with your old controllers, you too can have a merciless trainer strapped around your neck. For those slightly more averse to pain, you can watch [furrtek] and his friend [Dyak] suffer the consequences of poor gameplay for your amusement.

13 thoughts on “Genezap Improves Your Video Game Skills Using Corporal Punishment

  1. I would have like to see this on a new game system, it seems like a far more simple project to use the game controllers vibration as a trigger for the shock. Games like CoD or BF3 would be a great place to start. (I would probably play far less video games if I implemented this hack)

    1. It’s just like with dogs – training with shocks and punishments big BS. Yes it works but it has a lot of side effects.
      Just look at the two guys – the first one is soon getting stressed and put the collar off.
      Noone getting better with punishment and positive punishment + positive reinforcement. The collar causes stress and stress isn’t good if you want to learn.

  2. Maybe they need to add positive reinforcement too! Hook you up to an IV drip of some substance, use a peristaltic pump to add a couple jolts of something pleasurable when you pass a checkpoint..

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