Drawing Things Very Slowly, Very Easily

A while back, we saw [Euphy]’s polar pen plotter project. The mechanics of the build are very simple – just a pair of motors attached to a pen by a beaded cord. Even though the build is very simple, it’s possible to create awesome works of art albeit very slowly.

Since we featured [Euphy]’s polar pen plotter, a lot of improvements have been made. Now the Polargraph has an SD card slot for computer-less printing, a touch screen for manual control of the plotter, and a few new drawing styles that improve on the previous version a lot.

Right now the improved version of the Polargraph is set up in the front of a graffiti art supply shop in Edinburgh where it spends its time slowly drawing a window dressing. [Euphy] put up a few videos of what the Polargraph is capable of doing, very impressive and we hope he gets a few more PCBs in soon.

5 thoughts on “Drawing Things Very Slowly, Very Easily

  1. I made a polargraph using [Euphy]’s instructions and software, and have been happily playing with it for 8 months now. He’s been diligently adding new features that expand the usefulness of the device, so my interest never wanes. I’ve made gifts, party banners, and used my machine to transfer designs onto materials that I otherwise couldn’t print on.

    My office space is always a little more interesting with the polargraph working on something. When I’m not feeling particularly creative, I set up a drawing of whatever pops up into my head, using a drawing mode that I know will take days to complete. That way I never get that feeling of being artistically blocked. By the time the drawing is done, I’ve probably had a few project ideas arise, and I’m eager to render them.

    Check out some samples in my flickr pool:

  2. I am doing polargraph as my project. I have something not clear to understand the algorithm for design code. Could you help me understand how stepper motors move on x, y coordinates and how calculate the variable speed, please?

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