Southwest Tour: Quelab In Albuquerque New Mexico

Our travels brought us to Quelab in Albuquerque New Mexico for the 2nd stop on our southwest tour. [Adric] agreed to give us a tour of this really cool space and a few other folks were there working on various projects. There were several things I really enjoyed that will hopefully be gracing our pages soon with full writeups.

The Quelab hackerspace has a small machine shop area as well as a few collaborative spaces. They occasionally hold events where you can come and learn different skills as well. While I was there, I saw some cool high altitude balloon projects, a teletype playing Zork, and a 3d printer spitting out some custom Quelab tokens.

The group seemed to be very a really cool bunch. Everyone was enthusiastic about their projects and their space. They even tried to feed us (but the timing just wasn’t right). If you ever make it by, be sure to go play with the phosphorescent wall in their bathroom. Easily one of my favorite simple projects.

11 thoughts on “Southwest Tour: Quelab In Albuquerque New Mexico

  1. Quelabs is a pretty awesome place. Everyone there is wonderfully friendly. I was in ABQ for a week working with the Univ. on NM’s Physics Dept. and swung by for a visit. I was even able to get some advice from one of the founders on starting up my own hackerspace in Brownsville, TX.

  2. Caleb: Can you send out another Hackaday post with the right video link? The one I got had the Ohm hackerspace link.

    (Gotta say that is the type of space Quelab is looking for… wow!)

    Glad you could make it by Quelab, and appreciate the visit and video tour!

  3. If you’re still in the region, drop by the Santa Fe Complex (SFX) too.
    You can take the Rail Runner from Albuquerque and walk to the building from the train station in Santa Fe.
    It’s a pretty cool hackerspace and they’ve been doing some really interesting work lately.

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