Robotic Hand With Haptic Feedback

While I was at Heatsync Labs in Mesa Arizona, [Nate] mentioned that he was really proud of helping someone build a robotic hand. I have tracked down that project because it looked pretty cool.

[Macguyver603] built this robotic hand that is controlled by a glove with flex sensors. He was originally going to 3d print the structure for the hand but the availability of the laser cutter allowed him to create something a that would be a little more structurally sound. Haptic feedback is supplied by vibrating pager motors that are triggered by sensors in the tips of the robotic hand’s fingers.

The total cost of the project was roughly $240, and there’s unfortunately no video. It did, however, earn him second place at the state fair!

8 thoughts on “Robotic Hand With Haptic Feedback

  1. It’s an awesome hand.

    But why not just measure current to servos? I used that and it’s pretty accurate. I just connected a GND through 100mOHM resistor and fed that voltage to arduino’s ADC through op. amp.

  2. How about a BIOLOGICAL hand with haptic feedback? Tired of all this dead stuff. Let’s start USING biology, teasing it into doing everything we need, instead of being “inspired” by it.

  3. i like this build and see where it could be usefull (loss of a limb would suck)
    lol mabey when i get tired of my defective real right arm i may have to look them up for a replacement

  4. I’m working on a 3d printed hand at the moment, that I’m making available via online 3d print services. Anyway I’m going to open the covers for it, so that anyone can design their own. So that people can add their own sensors etc. I hope it’ll make making the sort of hand above a lot easier.

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