Southwest Tour: Xerocraft In Tucson Arizona

Traveling further south through Arizona, we ended up in Tucson to meet up with [Connor] at Xerocraft. [Connor] immediately apologized for the slightly disheveled state of the shop, but as I told him, I prefer a shop that has been used. Xerocraft was an interesting stop in our southwest tour. There was a workshop area in the front foyer that was nearly outdoors, something I’m not used to seeing in Missouri. The indoor areas included their electronics, library, 3d printing, and kitchen area. A nice little back yard allowed for some larger work to get done, like an electronic conversion that is currently in process on that car you can see in the video.

If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely swing by and at least attempt to de-throne [Connor] in Super Smash Bros.

4 thoughts on “Southwest Tour: Xerocraft In Tucson Arizona

  1. Tip for the guys running such things: when showing people around make special mention of the first aid kit, because you know.. it’s hard to not at least need a band-aid at some point, and with so much equipment and strangers coming round..

    I’ll go ahead and assume they have a first-aid kit btw, it’s a matter of trust.

  2. Right on! It may be a bit rough but we have a large shelf of First Aid Supplies directly under the large shelf of Safety Equipment, glasses, gloves, aprons etc. All big equipment has lockout boxes to insure use includes safety training.

    A Hackerspace can’t be too careful, but we are here to promote experimentation and learning with all of our resources.

    Nice article Caleb. There’s a link to another article in our local paper on our web page.

  3. I love Xerocraft! Just the right amount of gritty, couldn’t be anywhere but the Southwest.

    At HeatSync we train people on the first aid, fire extinguishers, how to take out the trash, etc, when they become members. There is at least one and usually a majority of members in the space at any given time, and we tell them to stay close to any guests in case of emergency. This way we aren’t burdening guests with things they don’t yet care about (laptop don’t chop off fingers) but still staying safe.

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