Remote Control Does Everything

After a year of development, the OSRC is ready to hit a manufacturing plant. This transmitter (and receiver) for remote control cars, airplanes, quadcopters, and semi-autonomous drones features modular everything and allows you to transmit video from the cockpit and display it on a screen in the palm of your hands.

This isn’t the first time we’ve posted something on the OSRC, but since then [Demetris], the team lead has released a ton of information on the capabilities of the OSRC main unit, the clip-on FPV display, and the receiver and transmitter modules made to operate with the OSRC.

Unfortunately, [Demetris] spent a good deal of money developing the OSRC and is now doing a pseudo-kickstarter, ostensibly to gauge interest and allay a bank’s fears when applying for a small business loan. If all goes as planned, the OSRC base unit should cost somewhere around €300, a significant sum, but really not that bad considering the OSRC simply does more than other high-end RC transmitters.

We’re hoping enough people will step up and promise to buy the OSRC after it goes into manufacturing, otherwise we’ll be waiting a few more years before the big names in the RC transmitter game manage to come out with a similar product.

31 thoughts on “Remote Control Does Everything

  1. I couldn’t really concentrate on the audio of the video that was linked at kickstarter, perhaps a native english speaker could help with a more comfortable video.

    The controller appears to be awesome though, definitely.

  2. The video is not linked to kickstarter nor is the campaign listed there. Check out the website to find out why. Sorry you couldn’t understand the audio. if you have any questions then my e-MAIL is on the site :)

    Glad you like the project.

  3. Man, that thing gave me plapitations I’ve been sketching something similar since my childhood.

    Though mine had IR/UV cameras and bunch of sensors and some sort of weaponary for shooting bad guys…

  4. he already did an (unsuccessful) indigogo round (page is in “draft” now – so it’s hidden) a while back. Not sure how he then expects to raise 600k without any “3the party” involvement.

    The idea is good, but demo video of the thing actually working (not far away video or people who claiming it’s great) would be a great help IMHO.
    A litte pricepoint indication instead of ” 300 to 500 €” – 500€ for what? base station alone? or all stuff listed on the website? – might be even better.

  5. I must say, the “email me your credit card information” style kickstarter thing is a little shady. He should at least put up some sort of PHP script that encrypts/hashes that stuff.

  6. polossatik: since the system is modular, the final price is based on the things you choose to have on your system. A completely Basic system with the basic Switches, your own modules but still with the actuated sticks and all the features on the Main unit is what you would get for approx 300EU. Considering that you can upgrade the system afterwords it isn’t that much with all the hardware you are getting.

    Yes, the IndieGoGo campaign was unsuccessful since many didn’t believe that i could make the system a reality. Clearly you can see now that i can :)

  7. M4CGYV3R: Seems you didn’t even bother to read the description. I am asking nothing but for your word that you are willing to put down an X amount if we reach the goal. No one is asking for any personal information here. Read the info before making assumptions.

  8. Have a similar setup with my company I also write all software around it but I’m not into remotes yet ;).

    He needs +600 k for a thousand units-> so +600 euro per unit will be his target price (and if it does all the things he describes it’s still a good price). If he shows a more clear video of it operating a plane, a quadcopter then a boat and car etc. will make it much more likely to succeed.

    Just switch it on, show the plane, press controls and see the plane react. Do same for quad etc.
    That’s the thing that makes me feel a bit worried about the campaign. I never see someone using the control upclose together with a model plane, car or boat at all. Only people talking and looking at buttons and a joystick that moves when you switch it on…

    1. Glad you like the system. You can see just that in the OSRC YouTube channel. A plane that is being controlled by the system. There should be more videos if i manage to gather the required funds.

      1. keep it simple, grab the basic system and a video camera, shoot a 3 min vid showing you taking the module of the transmitter of a friend, plug it in your basic thing and take of (just an example).
        you don’t want to enter a short movie competition, you want show off your stuff.
        should cost you a hour or 2 and no $$$.
        do the same, if possible, with the other stuff em phasing what “cool stuff” you can do with it and maybe compare the cost of a full blown FPV setup (i assume that needs pc, etcetc, donno, not into that) with estimated cost of your system configured for FPV

      2. A close up high definition (720p or more) video of the device showing buttons, connectors and short demo of the UI interface of the FPVC would be sufficient to remove the worries people have.

      3. I will try to make something simple, just don’t want to to look sketchy and childish since i am trying to keep whatever decency i have left :) I will take your suggestions into account though and think of something to show. These things just clip my mind sometimes since for me the things the system can do are obvious but i forget that for others they are not :)

  9. Demetris, the point i’m making is that this is rather “vague”, for me the difference between let’s say, 400 and let’s 700€ is significant.
    From what i understand there are 3 “verisons” base unit. base +FPVC Basic , base +FPVC Advanced

    I would suggets to make a short demo of each, highlighting what you add if you “upgrade” (i suspect you more or less NEED the FPV module to make good use of the FPVC Advanced ? what does that module cost?) and what the price point would be for such a setup .

    You might want to OVERestimate the price point, it’s much better to overshoot and at the end say “hey it turned out cheaper, here is free shipping” that to say “it will be 100€ more”

    Also not clear if shipping is in the “ballpark figure”, i suspect not .

    1. You are correct about the 3 different configurations. I estimate that for 300 EU you get the basic system setup where you shall use your own PPM modules and receiver. For approx 450 the system with the FPVC Basic and for approx 700 – 800 the Advanced module.

      I will add these details into the site info with some more details. Thank you for pointing this out.

      1. @rasz: Before I wrote this up, I emailed Demetris to ask him about the CE compliance issue that was brought up in my last post about this.

        I’m satisfied with his answer.

        As for the open source issue, they’re not even manufacturing it yet. If I were Demetris, I wouldn’t release the files (although *maybe* the mechanical design, if only for accessories) until it was out the door.

    1. He says in the video that the source for the hardware/software won’t be released until the device is manufactured and out the door.

      Technically speaking, there is no obligation to release the source for a product if it isn’t in distribution. So he is fully within his rights to not release source before the device hits market.

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