Hackaday At The World MakerFaire In NY

For the next two days, [Caleb Kraft] and [Brian Benchoff] will be wandering around the World MakerFaire  in NY. Primarily stationed at the booth meant to show off our winning entry into the Redbull Creation contest, we hope to find some interesting things for you to read about.

We’ve already scoped out the MakerFaire and met a few people so we’re eager for the gates to open today and let in the flood of enthusiastic people. Speaking of floods, its been raining quite a bit so we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll get some clear patches so we can enjoy the things that require a little more space, like the “Centrifury” from North Street Labs.

While everything is going on here, it can be hard to sit down and write a worthwhile article, so those probably won’t appear until monday. In the meantime though, we will be uploading random amusing things as we find them to our youtube account.

4 thoughts on “Hackaday At The World MakerFaire In NY

  1. At the Faire, lady looks at your broken sign, turns to me and declares “they could probably find someone here who could fix it.” Perhaps, it is a bullduino project and the next tent over is the Arduino Pavilion.

    1. We were next door to them, the shippers managed to destroy their creation with a forklift in so many ways. They spent hours fixing it, but after a day of hard work they decided to have fun and enjoy the Maker Faire. Yea it can be fixed, but fuck it.

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