What’s Happening At LIFE.hackaday Lateley

corkIf you haven’t been over to LIFE.hackaday lately, maybe you should check it out.

You could be learning how to be a hero with a wine cork, or how to easily break string without scissors(or your teeth). Need new ways to mount your tablet? We’ve got you covered. However, the story that is probably most important right now is how to keep your ice cream from getting that freezer burnt section on the top.

4 thoughts on “What’s Happening At LIFE.hackaday Lateley

  1. I assume this comment will get deleted like the one I left on life.hackaday.com, it’s pretty sad when you leave a comment on a questionable article and it gets deleted. I won’t be back to life.hackaday.com, I’m surprised that is the attitude there, based on what I’ve seen here I assumed the atmosphere would be similar, in that open discussion is wanted, and encouraged, not removed.

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