Proposing With A Contra ROM Hack


We’ve seen marriage proposals via modified Nintendo games before, but most of these put the proposal just after the first level. It’s one thing to have the old man in Zelda present your SO with a ring, but it’s another thing entirely to beat the game before getting on one knee. That’s what [Quinn] forced [Amy] to do when he proposed by modifying the ROM for Contra to display a proposal right before the end credits.

By tearing open a few cartridges, [Quinn] found himself with a bunch of EPROMs and NES cartridge PCBs. After grabbing the Contra ROM off the Internet, [Quinn] edited the game’s end screen to his proposal. This was then burned onto a 1 Megabit EPROM, soldered onto a cartridge, and put into the NES for his now-fiance to play. Once [Amy] and [Quinn] finished the game (without cheating, by the way), [Amy] saw her proposal and [Quinn] pulled out the ring.

13 thoughts on “Proposing With A Contra ROM Hack

  1. Nothing says “Im a self absorbed jerk” like using your hobby (and probably HIS favorite past time, gaming, and game to boot) to propose to the bride to be… Having survived one marriage, I can tell you, DO NOT do something like this unless she is into the exact same things you are… And even then that is shakey… Now if 8bit gaming is HER favorite thing in the world – go for it…

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